Classic literature as fortune cookies

Ha ha ha, what a concept! Link via The Passive Voice blog, from the Paris Review, classic literature re-envisioned as fortune cookies.

1. Lord of the Flies

An exotic trip is just around the corner.

7. Frankenstein

A friend is a present you give yourself.

8. Paradise Lost

You will soon receive advice from an unexpected source.

There are ten altogether; click through to read them all.

This is not the kind of thing for which I have a gift, but let me see …

Touchstone Trilogy by Andrea K Host — Change is a path that will lead to something better.

Wheel of the Infinite by Martha Wells — A chance meeting opens new doors to success and friendship.

Child of the Prophecy by Juliet Marillier — A dream you have will come true.

Starfighter Invitation by AKH again — You will travel to many exotic places.

Not too hard to write these, actually! How many SFF novels start with a chance meeting? Practically all of them, to a first approximation.

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2 thoughts on “Classic literature as fortune cookies”

  1. The Princess Seeks Her Fortune:

    Your difficulties will bring unexpected rewards.

    The Lord of the Rings:

    Help will come in a manner you do not expect.

    Pride and Prejudice:

    Your first impressions should be reconsidered.

  2. The originals are all just a little twisted. It isn’t so hard to come up with untwisted ones, but coming up with little gotchas like those is surprisingly hard. That said…
    The Walking Dead: A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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