Surprising deals if you need last-minute Christmas gifts

The Keeper of the Mist is currently just $4.99 as an ebook, I notice. The paperback version is $9.99, so the ebook price is pretty good.

Oddly, my other reasonably current Random House title, The White Road of the Moon, is currently showing the reverse pricing pattern: the ebook is $9.99, but the hardcover is only $4.99. Don’t ask me, but this is certainly a good time to snap up the hardcover, even though I expect you might not quiiiite get it in time for Christmas.

The Floating Islands is also $4.99 in ebook form.

And of course Black Dog is just $3.99, which is where I generally leave that one. Inviting price, I hope!

Those are the best prices for any of my books on Amazon right now. Just FYI.

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