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Wow, amazing costumes

Just saw this, link from Twitter: 

Halloween Costumes that won the holiday

Click through and admire. 

My favorite is … the little green soldiers. I had completely forgotten about those, so I think the nostalgia kick made them stand out for me. I wasn’t keeping track yet, but they’re pretty near the front.

The three-headed Cerberus is also a complete standout. It’s number 35, so if you don’t want to click through that many, you might enter the number and take a look at it.

The headless bride is very impressive. That’s number 45.

Also, “Starry Night.” That’s number 57.

Also, the guy who cut himself in half. I have no idea how he did that. That’s number 60 and the very last one. Definitely take a look at that one.

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2 Comments Wow, amazing costumes

  1. Pete Mack

    I mostly can’t stand those clickbait sites, but that photoset isnt bad. Still, I am not willing to click through so many pictures. The one that stood out for me was the two girls dressed up as anglerfish. Seriously scary looking, but seriously cool.

  2. Rachel

    I agree. I was willing to keep clicking because a lot of the costumes were really pretty good. I agree the glowy “anglerfish” costumes were very neat, though not very reminescent of anglerfish.

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