Why bugs ruin everything

I like bugs fine … mostly … most of them … unless I open my eyes and find a giant spider on my pillow, for example. (A little jumping spider doesn’t upset me even then.)

But this post is funny enough that I thought I would share it with you anyway. I will justify it by saying that it’s a great example of a casual, inviting writing style.

The Earth is almost the best planet ever. It’s stunningly gorgeous, optimally located in space, and it’s perfectly suited for its magnificent array of flora and fauna to live and thrive.

Almost the best planet ever.

Unfortunately, you can’t be the best planet ever when your clearest defining characteristic is a revolting worldwide bug infestation….

Many categories of insects follow, from the small category of acceptable through the nightmare insects. Click through if you have a few minutes; I almost guarantee you’ll enjoy this post no matter your opinions about insects and other arthropods.

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