A chill goes down my spine

When I think of being forced to read my most-disliked book of all time, Madame Bovary. 

Here is a post that I can sympathize with, at the Paris Review: Obligatory Reading

I still remember the day when the teacher turned to the chalkboard and wrote the words test, next, Friday, Madame, Bovary, Gustave, Flaubert, French. With each word, the silence grew, and by the end, the only sound was the sad squeaking of the chalk. 

It’s like the start of a horror novel, it really is.

… except the author of the post now likes the book fine and re-reads it every year.


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2 thoughts on “A chill goes down my spine”

  1. Oh! The “adulteresses who kill themselves” unit we did in high school senior year – this one, the awakening, and anna karenina. Really made me wonder about the teacher and what issues she was working through. Definitely not my favorite.

  2. I escaped Bovary in English, but got a Flaubert short(ish) story to translate in college French. It was dull, dull. dull.

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