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Okay, I know recently various of us were saying snide things about the cliffhanger in The Two Towers where Frodo is captured by the orcs and then The Return of the King where we pick the story back up way, way outside of Mordor, with Merry and Gandalf entering Minas Tirith and the Rohirrim recovering from the siege at Helm’s Deep and so on.

Well, in the movies, I just love the siege at Helm’s Deep. I love the bit where the elves march in to Helm’s Deep — you remember the scene — and you remember the part where the signal fires light on the mountain tops, summoning the Rohirrim to aid Minas Tirith? That scene sends chills down my spine. 

So, via File 770, this:

Mind-blowing LEGO recreation of Helm’s Deep

We’ve all seen some incredible LEGO builds before, but this one, by Rich-K & Big J, takes the cake as one of the most impressive pop culture recreations of all time! About 150,000 LEGO bricks and 1,700 mini-figures were used to recreate the Helm’s Deep battle scene from Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings. It took the duo about four months to construct the 160 pound, ping-pong table size creation….

I cannot imagine how long this took to build. Click through and admire the artwork.

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2 thoughts on “Wow: Helm’s Deep”

  1. Tempted though I was to scream at the first page of Return — it never occurred to me to regret that I had plowed straight through.

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