I think I wouldn’t have bought a ticket

‘So shocked’: customer wins bookshop in raffle

The unusual prize was dreamed up by Paul Morris, who opened Bookends in Cardigan four years ago. The shop is profitable and would have made an estimated £30,000 in a sale, but Morris said he wanted to give someone else the chance to realise their dream of running a bookshop. Over the last three months, anyone who spent more than £20 was eligible to be entered into a raffle to win it.


I wonder if there’s a betting pool for whether the shop will still be profitable by this time next year?

I would absolutely hate to be dropped in the deep end as a brand! new! small business owner. Here’s a bookshop! Try not to go bankrupt! I would be very nervous if I had won this raffle. Which of course is why I wouldn’t have entered it.

“[Ceisjan] is a regular customer and I’m really pleased it was him [says the retiring owner].  He wants to run it. You can make a very good living from it – far too many bookshops have disappeared over the years.”

He wants to run it! Good for him. The new owner’s name is 
Ceisjan Van Heerden, by the way. He and a friend are apparently looking forward to taking a stab at running this bookshop. I hope they make it work!

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  1. From the story, it looks like only 60 people entered the raffle — so a lot more people agreed with you than with the winner.

    Here’s hoping it works out for the new owner and his clientele! The fact that it’s still profitable now is encouraging.

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