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From Quora just now

This one caught my eye because it is in the running for most incoherent question ever. 

If the second part of humanity was heralded via the end of cultures competing on who can enslave people more civilly, when dies the second evolution happen?

Assuming the questioner meant “does” rather than “dies,” what could this mean? I think this could be used as a starting point for all kinds of interesting SF stories.

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4 Comments From Quora just now

  1. Mary Catelli

    I suspect Google translate.

    I wonder what the actual meaning is. “Civilly” might mean “legally.” “Part” might mean “half.”

  2. Craig N

    My best guess at a translation into English (well, Academic) would be something like:

    The history of human societies so far has been finding increasingly subtle and effective forms of domination. The next stage of human existence obviously has to mean overcoming domination as a basic principle, but how / when is that going to happen?

  3. Rachel

    Well, Craig, that’s a lot more understandable, but I’m not sure I’m seeing anything that looks to me like that second sentence.

    Mary, huh, if that’s what Google translate does, there is certainly plenty of room for improvement.

  4. Mary Catelli

    It can be hard to help. I translated a Russian caption with it, and it was talking about “the red princess” — probably because in Russian, “red” and “beautiful” are homonyms.

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