If you encounter a centaur having a heart attack

Then you will be glad to know this: Two Doctors Figured Out How To Treat A Centaur Having a Heart Attack

Serious question for #medtwitter: If you show up at a code, and the patient is a centaur who had a cardiac arrest, ignoring the joules question, where do you think the defib pads should go? A, assuming the heart is in the human part, or B, assuming the heart is in the horse part?

It seems doubtful a human-sized heart could maintain adequate circulation for a centaur body. My money would be on the heart being in the horse chest. Although maybe the human chest contains an accessory heart. Like in a hagfish.

Of course, just like in a hagfish!

Neat twitter thread, click through and read it if you have a moment.

Speaking of medical issues in centaurs, let me call out Nick O’Donohoe’s wonderful The Magic and the Healing. The details of medicine are veterinary approved — my vet at the time borrowed the book from me and gave it a thumb’s up.

Tip: do not look at the current cover image for this book. It is dreadful. Instead, enjoy the original cover:

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