If you found that earlier post about the murder trial interesting —

If you found that earlier post about the murder trial interesting, and that post sure got a lot of comments — here is part two.

I left off last time having talked about the procedure of the courtroom and what I’d learned. Now I’ll move on to the evidence.

The first person on the stand that I got to see was the assistant coroner. She got asked a lot of questions about her experience and her qualifications to testify, and then the questions turned to the body. They showed pictures of the body on a monitor, which was facing the jury so I couldn’t see it that well.

It was already established that Jason had emptied the magazine of his automatic pistol into Sparky. I can’t tell you what caliber, but I believe it was probably a .9 mm or a .45. I believe he fired eight shots total.

According to the coroner’s testimony, the first bullet went into her left shoulder at an angle. That’s the shot that killed her, going to her heart. After that, she was shot seven more times in the back.

After discussing the wounds and the likely order of them and which killed Sparky, it was time to move on to the cops who first on the scene. Jason was waiting outside for them. They secured him, and went inside. They found Sparky facedown, sort of slumped up against the back of the couch.

The prosecutor now had one of the detectives lie up against the Judge’s stand (I don’t really know what that’s called) to demonstrate how she was found to the jury. The cop adjusted the detective until the scene imitated how he’d found Sparky….

So they really do that kind of re-creation! Right there in the courtroom. I didn’t know that.

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