Good advice?

Offhand I would say this may fall into the category of “advice that is 100% unnecessary” —

Maybe You Were Thinking About Eating Raw Centipedes. Don’t.

From the NYT, no less.

[A] study published on Monday in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene describes two hospital patients — a mother and son — who ended up with rat lungworms in their brains after eating wild-caught centipedes the son had purchased at a farmer’s market.

Okay. Well. Remember: if you’re going to eat centipedes, they should be dried, powdered, or steeped in alcohol first.

I will definitely think of this next time anybody I know mentions “traditional medicine” or “ancient medical traditions.”

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2 thoughts on “Good advice?”

  1. I’ve seen advice that seems equally useful:
    Never moon a werewolf
    Don’t do your deep fat frying in the nude

    Which raises the question: where do you draw the line when it comes to a Darwin Award contestant? I suppose if you were starving, raw centipedes would seem like the next best thing to pizza delivery. Maybe.

    I know Nietzsche would say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but honestly if you have to pass a bar that low… wouldn’t it be better to order a pizza rather than be stronger?

    Thus spake the non-superwoman.

  2. Raw centipedes would have to turn me into an actual Kryptonian before I would choose them over pizza.

    Maybe not then.

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