Not sure these strike me as hyper-realistic but they are hyper-neat

The images may look like the real deal, but these are in fact the work of the very talented painter Kevin Peterson. He has blended together the images of young children together with very realistic animals throughout various urban locations.

These are wonderful fantasy paintings. The animals are indeed very true-to-life, and I’m so pleased Peterson featured a spotted hyena in one because hyenas are fascinating and wonderful and don’t get nearly the appreciation they deserve.

Here is Peterson’s website.

All the paintings feature a child in a post-apocalyptic landscape; not all of them feature animal companions. Naturally I am all about the animal companions, but click through and admire the whole range. I really like the one of the little girl in the blue dress standing on top of the abandoned car, even though no animals are in sight.

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1 thought on “Not sure these strike me as hyper-realistic but they are hyper-neat”

  1. Hyperrealism generally works only when it’s doing something fantastic, or else trompe-l’oeil.

    At least in my experience. Too photographic otherwise.

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