Shocked, shocked —

Where the Devil’s Kettle ‘Waterfall to Nowhere’ Really Goes: It turns out the water doesn’t disappear at all.

Yes, well, the disappearing waterfall makes a nice story, but surely no one really thought the water … disappeared?

If the water was actually vanishing, how long would it take the Netherlands to conquer the world, do you suppose?

Well, that is a side question. The actual question: where does the water that flows down the “waterfall to nowhere” actually go?

Apparently: nowhere at all, so not an entirely inapt name.

The measurements showed that none of the water was actually leaving the river, which meant all of the flow that tumbled into the Devil’s Kettle and seemed to disappear actually rejoined the stream at the base of the falls. Green told me they don’t know exactly where it re-emerges, but you can see two distinct “boils” of water at the base of the falls. He suspects the Devil’s Kettle empties out right below where it flows in.

Boring! But at least now we know.

Other recent disappointments: the giant black sarcophagus apparently did not contain either the remains of Alexander the Great or a curse.

Sometimes life is less like a fantasy novel than one might wish.

Not that I would prefer a curse. I guess.

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