All the background to CockyGate, if you care

I’m sure you remember that author, Faleena Hopkins, who attempted to copyright the word “cocky” so only she could use it in book titles.

Here is the loooong, detailed story of what was going on in world of Indy Romance Publishing, wherein this thing with “cocky” was a relatively small detail.

My basic reaction: If I had only leaped in early enough with dishonest techniques to game Amazon’s system, I’d probably be a lot wealthier than I am now. Alas, I never think of all these kinds of things. I’m always shocked when I find out what other people have been doing.

My second reaction: Amazon will never, ever catch up to scammers. As in every field, scammers act and business react. There’s no way even for smart, dedicated people to figure out what crazy things smart, dishonest people will come up with in time to stop them.

Well … it’s all very interesting, anyway. If you think so too, click through and read the whole thing.

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2 thoughts on “All the background to CockyGate, if you care”

  1. Rachel Neumeier

    For her personally I am sure it got waaay too interesting. I would feel sorry for her acting so stupidly, except she was trying to be mean, so…

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