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I Made the Strangest Recipe in Vincent Price’s Cookbook

(No, no, not me personally; that is the title of this post. But I may follow suit and try this recipe myself.)

My first reaction: Vincent Price wrote a cookbook? Turns out he did. Several, in fact:

But he was more than just a king of creepy movies. Vincent Price was a foodie before the term even existed, a lover of the kitchen who authored several cookbooks, including A Treasury of Great Recipes and Cooking Price-Wise, which was based on his television show.

In this post, Lissa Townsend Rodgers writes:

Published in 1971, Cooking Price-Wise contains wisdom like, “In the thirteenth century cheese was used as a substitute for cement in England, when the cheese got stale, that is. I don’t advocate keeping your cheese that long just to find out if it works.” Chapters on bacon, potatoes, and fish contain recipes that seemed exotic at the time. “People always seem afraid of food from other countries,” Price writes. He attempts to shake them out of their comfort zone with Fish Fillets Nord Zee, Moroccan Tajine [sic], and Biffes de Lomo Rellenos.

Okay, but, COULD you use cheese as a substitute for cement? Turns out, maybe, sort of? Very little detail in the linked book.

Anyway! Rodgers gives one recipe in her post: bacon mousse. Her conclusion, after a certain number of kitchen adventures:

Very spicy, very creamy, very bacon-y: In others words, this is some good bacon mousse. While Price recommends eating it with a salad, I found it to be an outstanding breakfast spread. On a toasted baguette or sourdough, better even on a bagel, the horseradish supplies a nice little wake-up kick alongside the breakfast bacon. I could also see it as an ingredient in an omelet.

Offhand I was thinking this didn’t seem too promising — bacon yay, but in a mousse? However, Rodger’s description of the result has made me change my mind. I’m definitely up for bacon mousse. Copying the recipe now…

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