Other planets are unfriendly

Here is an interesting article from Astronomy.com: The Seven Best Travel Spots In Our Solar System – And How To Die There

The Moon — silicates are bad for you

Mars — chlorine salts are bad for you

Europa — Jupiter’s radiation is bad for you

Titan — actually not so bad, by comparison

Outer space — this is kind of a cop-out, isn’t it? Outer space, really? That doesn’t count. Come on, go back to real actual places.

Okay, here:

Enceladus — Saturn’s gravity is bad for you

Ceres — actually, semi-okay! The article concludes, tepidly, “Certainly less out to kill you than Mars or the Moon.” Well, that’s a start.

Offhand I would suggest that the sensible thing to do is build enclosed environments in big rocks and park the rocks wherever seems best. Gotta block gamma rays and so on, so building your habitat inside a big rock makes sense. And that way you ought to be able to seal in the environment you want and seal out the environment you don’t want.

But I will be sad if we never get to say high to the aliens living under the ice on Europa.

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  1. Oh yes. Itd be wonderful if Darkling Sea ended up sort of true. And I have never been so thoroughly amused by the politics of a novel before. On the one hand, it’s clear Cambias is partial to libertarianism. On the other, he makes a glorious send-up of the ridiculous theorizing hard-core libertarians are known for: here is a story with a real libertarian utopia…and it’d be completely feasible if we were all extreme r-strategy* lobsters.

    * https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/R/K_selection_theory

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