Black Dog Stories III — Cover Reveal

I’ve actually had this cover for a few weeks, but didn’t want to step on the release of Beyond the Dreams We Know.

But hey! It is now July. Bar a few typos I haven’t got around to fixing yet, the collection is ready to go. Thanks to everyone who looked the manuscript over. It makes a big difference, it really does. I will never be used to how many typos I overlook even after going over something repeatedly.

So, the cover, three different versions. The first is the original draft, no lettering or anything.

The second is the finished draft, not for the ebook version of Stories III but for the paper edition of Stories III and IV, which I hope will come out next year. That is not a promise. The 4th novel, Copper Mountain, should come out before Stories IV, but only fifty pages or so of Copper Mountain are written; and none of the stories for Stories IV are even vaguely on my radar at this point. So we’ll see.

The third image below is the ebook cover, which of course loses the “back cover” and “spine” components of the full-sized cover.

The car that exists in the story is not, at this moment, red. But hey, I can very easily go back to that story and make it red, especially since I believe it is colorless at this time. I think I will do that, even though artistic license means I don’t believe it really matters whether the detail of the car’s color matches. Obviously the point of putting a red car on the cover is to make the cover pop, especially in the tiny images you see on your phone. I should really have anticipated Aidanna at WillowRaven making the car red.

Also, in the story the cemetery is more neatly tended, much less haunted-looking. Naturally when I said “an abandoned car in a cemetery at midnight,” Aidanna thought of a haunted, spooky type of cemetery. No problem — again, I don’t think it matters, but I can always give the cemetery a slightly more eerie section before calling the story finished.

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8 thoughts on “Black Dog Stories III — Cover Reveal”

  1. The Teen has been working (and stripping and reworking, etc.) a sunset. So my first thought was ‘nicely done sunset.’

    Eyecatching. not that I need it. When does it come out?

  2. Rachel Neumeier

    The end of July. Should be available for preorder shortly. Meant to do that today, but got unexpectedly busy with other things. Glad you’re looking forward to it!

  3. I think the cemetary’s fine, but the car needs a few scratches on the roof, maybe a blunt star in the winscreen…
    still, it looks fine, and it certainly stands out.
    As the color isn’t mentioned in the story, it can be any color, so the red car in the picture just primes the reader’s mental eye to see it that way when they encounter it. I don’t think you really have to put the color in explicitely, though it’s just one word to add and might make it clearer for the denser readers.

  4. I have no idea what kind of car it is. I said, a big old whale of a car. Then I left it up to the artist to put an appropriate car in the image.

    If I were giving a report to the police about an accident, I would be all, “It was blue. Or maybe dark grey. Or dark green. Sort of big. I think it might have had four doors, but I’m not sure…”

    I would also be able to add, “But there was a Pharaoh Hound in the back seat. I only got a glimpse, but definitely a Pharaoh Hound.”

  5. Got it. I was thinking of a different car–so far the only sports car in a series full of SUVs.

  6. Oh, Keziah’s car? I’m sure hers is infinitely more sexy than the big old thing on the Stories III cover. Keziah does appear in this collection, but not in the story with that car.

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