Where on Pangaea are you?

Just found this site which allows you to answer the burning questions: Where would you be right now if you were suddenly transported waaaay back in time to the period when the continents were arranged in the Pangaea supercontinent?

Looks like my house would appear — poof! — inside a terrible, huge desert that swept through the interior of the supercontinent. Guess I better hope my house doesn’t get transported back in time to Pangaea.

This was quite some time ago, and I am sorry to say that even outside the desert regions, you’d be lucky to find anything more exciting than algae.

Here is a related video that starts at the current day, back up to the older Pangaea, and then moves forward in time to the future Pangaea. Lots of neat stuff happens, but in particular I think it’s neat watching India slam into Asia and build the Himalayas, and then in the future I like watching Australia wrap around and crash into Asia as well. Of course perhaps your fancy will be captured by some other aspect of continental drift. Pretty neat watching Antarctica shift around, for example.

Here is a great slideshow from the BBC showing “The great 25 turning points in Earth’s history.” I personally find the “snowball Earth” phenomenon the scariest turning point(s). It’s alarming thinking that really we don’t know why the Earth froze over or — an important detail — why it thawed out again.

Anyway — where would you wind up if your house were suddenly transported back to where it would have been 240 million years ago?

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2 thoughts on “Where on Pangaea are you?”

  1. In a green (presumably algae-covered? unless it’s just meaning green as “not desert”) bit of Pangaea, near a huge lake/inland sea.

  2. Oddly interesting, right? Sounds like you got a better location than I did . . . not that either of us would find the environment salubrious at that time, I expect.

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