…The study of flags that appear in dreams.

Really. Or at least maybe? The first several pages of Google hits imply that this term is used solely on a Reddit thread. Is a word used only on Reddit a real word?

Maybe the word “somnivexillology” is cool enough that it should exist even if it doesn’t really? Maybe we should all take a stab at working “somnivexillology” into casual conversations today. Maybe we can give it some oomph.

Whether the word exists or not, the concept does. Here is a site explaining what flags supposedly symbolize in dreams.

Carrying a red flag represents a female around you who is not who she seems. You need to look deeper to find the truth. A white flag represents a pure woman or it can also symbolize jealousy. Are your or someone around you consumed with jealousy? Are you innocent of how others perceive you?

A colorful flag can stand for corruption. A black flag can mean trouble coming from a woman or a man of wisdom. A yellow flag can warn of a medical outbreak like the flu. And, a green flag can mean you are going to travel by car, train, or bus across the country….

Uh huh.

There are a lot of sites that discuss the symbolism of flags in dreams, it turns out. Who knew? Maybe if I took an hour or two to post a comment on each of these sites using the word “somnivexillology” I could get this word into usage in one day. Alas, we’ll never know, because I am too lazy to try it.

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