Your Handy Book Review Kit

From Book View Cafe, this handy tool for writing your very own unique book reviews.

The Kit includes:

“A” List Adjectives (select 3)

“B” List Adjectives (select 2)

“C” List Adjectives (select 3)

Plus declares that you’ll also need:

2 words which are the name of a genre (like fantasy or horror)

An adverb

2 plural nouns (like cats or galaxies)

2 verbs

An adjective describing action (like frantic or slow)

An adjective describing a historical period (like Colonial or prehistoric)

A type of character (like villain or sidekick)

6 nouns of your choice

Then you plug these items into the following paragraph, thus making your review writing much faster and easier:

This is a (A) and (B) (name of genre) novel, and the (A) story line enhances the (adverb) tale. From the onset, fans will welcome the (plural noun) as each character struggles to (verb) the (noun) of the (C) (plural noun). ….

Fun post! It made me laugh.

Let me try this model out for the mystery I just read by Beverly Conner:

This is a (intriguing) and (enthralling) (mystery) novel, and the (suspenseful) story line enhances the (adverb [I think it means another adjective?]) tale. From the onset, fans will welcome the (evolving complexities) as each character struggles to (solve) the (mystery) of the (disturbing) (deaths). The characters are then caught up in a (thrilling) (battle) to (restore order to) the world. The author makes the setting seem as if it comes from (contemporary) (small-town life) rather than her imagination. The cast of characters is (fully rounded), especially the (secondary characters surrounding the protagonist). However, it is the (clever anthropological details) and the (crime scene details) that spellbind the audience as no one knows the (fascinating) secret of the (doomed) (serial killer). Loaded with (tension), fans will not want to put down this (powerful) (mystery) novel.

What do you think? … possibly not a substitute for a more personal approach, but hey, at least it was pretty fast to complete this template.

I think “the world” in the third sentence is not a good choice. Epic fantasy or some kinds of SF may involve saving the world, but a mystery set in a smallish town is seldom going to get to that level.

Fun post. I bet if you read lots of the very short book reviews written as advertising copy, quite a few do seem to more or less fit this template.

If you click through, be sure to read the comments. The second one down suits the post perfectly.

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