This is a lullaby?

From HuffPo: 18 Dark And Disturbing Lullabies From Around The World

“Le Grand Lustucru”

It’s “le grand Lustucru” who’s crying.

He’s hungry and will eat

Raw and alive, without bread or butter,

All the little kids

Who aren’t asleep.

My goodness. Without bread or butter, yet.

Click through and see which lullaby strikes you as the creepiest.

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2 thoughts on “This is a lullaby?”

  1. I think I read someone say how a lot of these lullabies is just the parents saying “go the f*** to sleep” to their babies. And after last night’s putdown of my baby, I’m sympathetic to the lullaby writers.

  2. Absolutely! The frustration of parents whose baby won’t go to sleep comes through very clearly in a lot of those lyrics.

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