Brilliant! This is a step toward the future I can really get behind.

A stealthy Harvard startup wants to reverse aging in dogs, and humans could be next

Here’s the brilliant part:

“Dogs are a market in and of themselves,” Church said during an event in Boston last week. “It’s not just a big organism close to humans. It’s something people will pay for, and the FDA process is much faster. We’ll do dog trials, and that’ll be a product, and that’ll pay for scaling up in human trials.”

Of course this guy is perfectly right. Of course the idea that pet owners will gladly pay to extend the lifespans of their pets is totally, completely, 100% obvious, but people miss obvious truths all the time. Deliberately aiming at the pet-owner demographic in order to pay for extended research on the reversal of human aging … brilliant.

And as a side effect of pursuing human longevity, we get to (potentially) extend the lifetimes of our pets! Talk about a win/win scenario.


Pippa, fifteen years old

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1 thought on “Brilliant! This is a step toward the future I can really get behind.”

  1. After reading the article to the end, I’m torn. The consequences, both ethical and physical, would have to be thoroughly considered. Would we end up with more homeless dogs if the mortality rate declined but the birth rate didn’t? Yet if you told me you had a way to guarantee me more time with my aging dog, take my money.

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