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I did get some actual writing done this weekend because Cavaliers went in the ring quite late all three days. It’s the sort of writing where you start with 186 pages and fiddle around for three hours and get a lot done and wind up with 180 pages … like that. I am about finished fiddling, after which I should be able to start moving forward again. That will be nice.

But every afternoon, I drove to Purina Farms, showed Conner and Leda, and drove home.

Then I just hung out doing nothing much the rest of each day. I’m not an evening person anyway, and driving long distances make me tired and often a bit head-achy.

It was a worthwhile weekend, though. Conner picked up three more points by getting Best of Winners each day. Good job Conner! I was not surprised at all. He really is a handsome young dude and very, very few judges seem to care about that mustache of his. He has nine points now, so he has caught up to his litter-sister Kimmie. He took twelve one-point shows to do it, whereas unbeatable Kimmie did it in nine straight shows. Now they each need just six points to finish their championships, but they have to get them three at a time, as “majors.”

Leda, Conner and Kim’s 9-month-younger sister, got Winners on Saturday, so that was her first point. That judge liked her structure and movement and general type enough to forgive her iffy bite. I was a bit surprised and quite pleased. She is a very nice puppy and shows VERY well given her age (7 months) and level of training (zero). (I do appreciate a puppy who is a born show girl and makes me look like a great trainer instead of a totally lazy trainer.) Naturally I made a note of the judge, though I don’t know that he would decide the same way if Leda were older. Judges are sometimes more forgiving about bites in puppies because they know the bite can change (and I sure hope it does, in the correct direction).

Well, I was showing as much as possible recently because the point schedule changes on the 16th of this month. After that date, till this time next year, in Missouri and Illinois, it’ll take ten girls entered at one show to make a 3-point major in girls. Eight boys, which is even less likely because there are almost always (many) more girls entered than boys. Those numbers are hopeless. I haven’t seen more than four to six girls entered anywhere near here for more than a year — generally fewer. I don’t plan to enter any more shows in Missouri or Illinois this year and I most sincerely hope no one else does either. Let the AKC bring the points down to some reasonable level if they want entries from Cavalier people in this region.

Meanwhile, in Arkansas, it’s only 6-6 for a major — that is, six boys or six girls. That makes Arkansas look sooooo inviting. Kentucky and Indiana need seven girls, which is also not bad. I spoke to another Cavalier person this weekend and traded contact information. I believe we will be arranging to enter as many of our girls as possible (five between the two of us) in one or two Arkansas shows. With luck (and one more entry from some random person), we will build a major and then win it. I could honestly see Conner and Kimmie finishing together in just one weekend, Kimmie to make the major in girls and Conner beating her for Best of Winners even if he is the only boy entered. That means he would “cross-over” so that he would also get a major. Then I could pull Kimmie out of any remaining shows to give other girls a chance to win. (You see I immodestly expect Kimmie to beat all other girls. Well, Kimmie is really very pretty! Plus I am probably a little tiny bit biased. And a bit overly optimistic.)

Here are a few of my favorite shots from this weekend’s show. That Golden just happened to look wonderful at the moment I snapped the picture. The others are a Kerry Blue whose handler posed her for me, a Papillon who posed on his own, and a Beauceron puppy who was just ultra charming but difficult to catch in a microsecond of stillness.

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4 thoughts on “Show Shots From This Past Weekend”

  1. Congratulations! It’s interesting that the point schedule for Cavaliers is going up in your area – in Collies for the most part the number of dogs needed for a major has been trending down in recent years. It will only take seven (in either sex) for three points under the new schedule.

  2. Thanks, Kristina! Are you actively showing right now? What area? There were a good many collies in the next ring over on Saturday, but I didn’t take a close look at them, just noticed a good handful of sables and a couple tricolors.

    Whatever algorithm the AKC uses to decide on points does seem to be crazy. We’ve needed as few as six and as many as twelve girls for a three-point major in the past ten years or so, and it never seems to track entries as far as I can tell. It’s as though this year the AKC looked at entries just for the Chicagoland area and then set the points for the entire five-state region just based on those entry numbers.

    This is the first time they’ve ever lumped MO in with IL, so I’m not sure what’s up with that either. You can bet I’d rather be in with Arkansas or Kentucky right at the moment.

    Well, I do hope and even sort of (don’t want to jinx it) expect to finish Conner and Kimmie this year. They are definitely the nicest puppies I’ve ever produced. I’ve very proud of them.

  3. You have every right to be proud of them. I look forward to hearing more about their success as the year goes on.

    No, I’m not actively showing right now, although I’m trying to stay connected. My son’s activities keep us busy on weekends, so dog events are mostly on hold for the next several years. I did get to attend our National Specialty last month. It was just a few hours away from me, so how could I not? It was so much fun to watch in person all of the dogs I’ve only been seeing online.

  4. I’m happy to share stories about them with someone who knows the show world! It’s good you’ve got a chance now and then to attend a specialty.

    I hope to hit one CKCSC specialty this year. It is indeed always great to get a look at the dogs you’ve been hearing about. I remember years ago, the first time a dog truly “stopped my eye” at a specialty. I hadn’t known what that was actually like, but wow, such an eyecatching young dog! It was Miletree McNab, a great-grandfather of my youngsters. Specialties give you a chance to see some of the very best.

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