Busy weekend —

I was trying to get everything done Saturday because Sunday I took five dogs to a health clinic, four for heart checks and one for hips. Then there was a Cavalier party at the Dog Museum (formally the AKC Museum of the Dog) that afternoon, so I took all five dogs by the party instead of going straight home. Pippa, Dora, and Ish had a good time at the party and Kenya and Chloe tolerated the party because they’re totally willing to take treats from anybody. Gotta watch your fingers with Kenya. Snap! — and there goes the potato chip you were offering her plus the tip of your finger if you’re not careful.

The health clinic was quite worthwhile although five dogs was a lot to handle. The cardiologist cleared Ish, so he gets to be a dad; Chloe’s hips look okay, so she gets to be a mom; Dora’s heart condition hasn’t progressed noticeably and I got advice for how to do a dental safely; and most interesting of all the cardiologist downgraded Pippa from “abnormal” to “equivocal.” Apparently she’s starting to wonder — three years after diagnosing a mild, atypical murmur — whether Pippa has MVD at all. So Pippa at 12 is probably in the top ten percent of all Cavaliers when it comes to her heart, maybe better. It kills me I have no descendants from her.

Anyway! Since I didn’t have time to do much else and in keeping with the theme of this post:

We’re having snow flurries this morning; so sick of winter. But we had a couple nice days last week. Here are Conner and Ish hunting birds out in the big “arboretum” at my house. Birds totally cheat by flying up into the treetops, but Conner in particular is sure he will one day catch one. He struck many beautiful poses. Some of the pictures came out a little blurry, but he looks so beautiful, so here:

And for something completely different, here is Pippa on the way home on Sunday, completely wiped out by the double excitement of the health clinic and party. The other four dogs took up all the crate room in the back, so Pippa got to ride up front with me. As you see, she is a great traveler, especially on the way home when she is tired.

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