Answering the important questions —

Would a Borg Cube be any match for a Star Destroyer if the two ever met in battle?

On the Devastator’s bridge, Vader was for the first time in years startled as seven figures materialized in shimmers of light from the very air, figures which proceeded to walk calmly toward various consoles and inspect them. Several disappeared and reappeared in the crew pits, shouldering crewmen aside to examine their consoles. The black-clothed, gray faced figures were generally humanoid but had one or more limbs replaced with whirring, clicking prostheses that looked like parts of droids. As the security teams attempted to engage them, the figures sprouted strange temporary angular shields that deflected stun and then blaster bolts easily. Attempts to engage them physically were easily brushed aside, injuring several pit officers.

Vader again reached out to them with the Force but felt nothing- the figures might as well have been droids. His apprehension finally turned to outrage. These strange droids, these Borg, would invade his ship and challenge him, would they? He would show them. He could not affect minds that weren’t there but his Force-borne telekinesis had no such limitations. …

Hard to know which team to root for in this match-up.

Link via File 770.

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