A battle between series’ main characters —

I missed this back in 2015, but just spotted it via Twitter: Dabwaha Debate: Magic vs Hidden Legacy

It’s funniest if you’re familiar with both the Kate Daniel’s series and the Hidden Legacy series, so it’s great I only spotted it today since I only read the latter series last year. Actually, I’m not sure which series is my favorite! I liked the Hidden Legacy series a lot, much better than I thought I would from the back cover description. I would gladly go on with it, but I’m not sure Ilona Andrews has any plan in that direction.


Rogan: It is clear that hero and heroine of the books should lead by example. You didn’t get together until fourth book, you are now on book eight and you have yet to finalize your commitment. We are questioning your moral integrity.

Curran: You are not married. You are not even together. You just have this instalust thing going.

Kate: Yes, you are just “forced together” by “Circumstance” so you can make out in public. Your moral integrity seems to be situational. Also, last time I checked, exhibitionism isn’t exactly a behavior people should imitate.

Nevada: It was one time. Your werelion broke into your apartment. And you physically brawl throughout the series.

Kate: You billionaire kidnapped you and chained you to the floor. If you need some self-defense pointers, I’ll be happy to teach you after the debate.

Nevada: Coming from a woman who by her own admission couldn’t hit a barn with a bullet, that’s not much of an insult. I can help you with that.

Kate: I can hit a barn with a bullet.

Nevada: How?

Kate: I’ll just have to throw it.

Rogan: You only have two books left.

Curran: No, you only have two books left. We have three.

Nevada: We are under contract for two more books and unlike the two of you, we’re not going to drag it out and toy with people’s emotions.

That’s a bit from the middle. Click through, obviously, to read the whole thing. Then you can decide who wins. I think . . . I will have to read this debate again before deciding.

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2 thoughts on “A battle between series’ main characters —”

  1. I think they’re working on getting some new Hidden Legacy books under contract, probably set a little later on and focused on Nevada’s sisters?

    But in any case, Caesar is still out there plotting, so there’s plenty of room for more stories in that setting.

  2. Heaps more, and I hope they get at least another three or so. Enormously appealing series. I’m such a sucker for great family relationships.

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