Favorite Wrinkle in Time moments

Here’s a post that caught my eye: Utah teachers share fave ‘Wrinkle in Time’ moments

Holmstead said that before the students start a new chapter, she has them look at the chapter title and share their thoughts. Then they start reading. Every reader has his or her own image of the scenes and characters, and Holmstead said she keeps hers to herself. She wants to know what connections her students are making, and what kinds of images the book conjures for her young readers. These images, she explained, have changed considerably through the years….“I think it’s because of media, and a lot of different movies that have come out,” she said. “You’ve got all your ‘Transformers’ and ‘Avengers,’ and all these different movies. I didn’t have that growing up, so they see the Earth and they see beyond. It was such a foreign, far-reaching concept when I was their age. It’s not to them.”

I can tell you what moment stuck with me most strongly from Wrinkle in Time: the image of all the little boys bouncing their balls in time. I’m sure you remember the one boy who dropped his ball and was punished for it.

I’m not alone in finding that scene outstandingly creepy. Did you see this bit about a publicity stunt for the movie?

In the bouncing-ball clip, the audience can see Bellamy Young (you’ll recognize her from Scandal) standing on a perfect Technicolor suburban cul-de-sac as the neighborhood kids bounce balls together. It seems normal, except they’re all doing it at the exact same time, using the exact same rhythm, and they’ve all got spaced-out, vacant expressions on their faces. The same thing played out at various locations at Comic-Con, with Disney’s legion of kiddos bouncing their balls in unison around the expo.

Yep, creepy.

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