Worldbuilding with birds

Just remembered I wanted to draw your attention to this Twitter thread by Lindsay Beth:

Hey so since you all seemed to enjoy my first NATURE AS WORLDBUILDING thread, I’m gonna do another BUT I’M GONNA FOCUS ON BIRDS


So here are some things birds do that’d make good worldbuilding inspiration!!

Click through if you have a moment! I kept a sharp eye out for the hoatzin on this thread because that is possibly the coolest living bird species in the entire world, and I’m glad to say Lindsay Beth put ’em on there, which made me happy.

Also, after reading this thread, I have a deep desire to put terror birds into my next book if at all possible.

Enjoy the thread!

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1 thought on “Worldbuilding with birds”

  1. That was truly fascinating. I also forwarded to the Teen who keeps painting birds and likes good wing photos and there were some stunners – especially of that one in the downstroke.

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