Beyond the Dreams We Know

So, you all remember the original cover I commissioned for Mountain of Kept Memory? It looked like this:

Nice, eh?

Of course then Mountain got picked up by Saga Press and revised, eventually coming out with this quite different but beautiful cover:

Lovely! But it did leave me with extra cover art sitting around, art which I liked quite a bit and was sorry not to use.

Also, as you may recall my mentioning, the revision of Mountain led to the complete removal of one protagonist, a boy named Erest. He wasn’t related to Oressa or Gulien at all, but rather from the family that lives in the shadow of the Kieba’s mountain. Giving his role to Gulien did produce a tighter story, as sometimes (always?) happens when you combine characters. So Gulien got Erest’s role; a revised role, of course, but fundamentally his part in the story initially belonged to this completely different and much younger boy. Remember that Mountain was also being revised from YA to adult, so it made sense to hand Erest’s role to an older character anyway.

But all this revision meant that along with leftover cover art, I had a leftover character on my hands.

This was the exact reason I thought of writing a set of novellas set in worlds I’d previously created: because it gave me a chance to use both the character and the cover.

Erest’s story in Dreams is based on his initial scenes from the first draft of Mountain. Of course his story has been revised to stand alone. Rather than taking place before the events of Mountain, it’s now set a couple generations previously, shortly after his family first settled at the foot of the Kieba’s mountain.

I hope everyone will enjoy revisiting this world in Beyond the Dreams We Know.

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8 thoughts on “Beyond the Dreams We Know”

  1. Cool! When is it getting published? While I’m asking about publishing schedules, what is the Black Dog timeline looking like?

  2. Oh, yeah, I better remember to update the Books page.

    1) Black Dog #3, Shadow Twin, sometimes in March.

    2) Dreams, almost certainly June. One more novella to write! And no doubt some cleanup of the first drafts of a couple others. I haven’t even sent them to my brother yet for a critique. Any day now.

    3) Black Dog story collection #3, almost certainly July. One more novella to write for that one, too, but it’s an important novella that takes place concurrently with Shadow Twin, so I definitely can’t just leave it out. Luckily I do know basically what happens in it.

    4) Door Into Light, sequel to House of Shadows, almost certainly November. It’s practically good to go right now, though there’s just a tiny bit of tedious revision cleanup to do yet.

  3. The Black Dog novella runs concurrently with Shadow Twin, unless you’re talking about a different one than I think.

    I’m glad to see that you found a use for this cover, which I always liked.

  4. Concurrently, yes. I actually thought of that this morning — Hey, I said to myself, did I happen to use the word consecutively? — Thanks for pointing it out. I wouldn’t have wanted to let that mistake stand.

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