Not really an award

Here’s something kind of fun:

Announcing the 2018 Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards!

Well, actually… it’s just a bit of fun that a group of scifi and fantasy readers, including me, have decided to indulge into by looking at the 2017 published scifi and fantasy stories and trying to pick up our favourite.

From a blog called The Middle Shelf, these … not really awards. I like the lack of seriousness, actually. Beth of Bethan May Books says, “Not really an award. There is no prize. Or a ceremony. I will be drinking though.”

I like the categories:

– Best scifi novel;
– Best fantasy novel;
– Best story that blurs the boundaries;
– Best novella (either scifi or fantasy);
– Best series (either scifi or fantasy).

I like that “blurring the boundaries” category. Here’s the shortlist for that category:

A. Caldecott, Rotherweird.
N. Drayden, The Prey of Gods.
R. Emrys, The Winter Tide.
N. Harkaway, Gnomon.
F. Lee, Jade City.
M. M. Smith, Hannah Green and her Unfeasibly Mundane Existence.
J. Williams, The Ninth Rain.

I am curious to see what each of those books looks like and why it has been included in this category. I will say, I have only tried one of these (The Prey of Gods) and I did not get very far in it. It had too gritty a tone for me. I think it is SF? But maybe it intergrades somehow with fantasy or horror or something, and that is why it’s in this category?

I’ve seen plenty of references to Jade City, but I haven’t looked at it yet.

I think Hannah Green and her Unfeasibly Mundane Existence is a fun title.

Gnomon has the most intriguing cover.

I’m going to try to remember to follow along a bit and see how this “non-award” develops.

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