You all probably know about the new edition of the Touchstone trilogy, right?

You may be aware that the Book Smugglers have gone into publishing in a small way, yes? Did you all know that they’ve brought out a new edition of AKH’s Touchstone Trilogy? Here are the new covers — what do you think?

I like them, but I believe they might push my “probably horror” buttons if I saw them without actually having read the books first. Not sure.

Here is Estara’s post about this trilogy, slightly revised from when she posted it on this site.

Looks like the first book is free for Kindle on Amazon.

If you have not, by some chance, read the Touchstone trilogy yet, here are all the ANDREA K HÖST WEEK posts, gathered together. If that doesn’t persuade you to try them, nothing will!

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2 thoughts on “You all probably know about the new edition of the Touchstone trilogy, right?”

  1. Beautiful covers! I love the use of color and light. Although if I saw the first one on its own, I would also think it was horror.

    I just went through all of those AKH week posts and now I still have 5 pages to outside links open, one of which is Host’s bookshelf— so many authors I’ve never heard of and now I want to read them all, but guess what? Out of print. I’mma have to make a careful list and start hunting for used copies. I enjoyed reading the week’s posts too. Thanks for the links!

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