You know what came out today?

So, this arrived on my doorstep today:

Like I didn’t have enough to do / enough books crowding my TBR pile! I only just read the last of Beverly Conner’s Lindsay Chamberlain mysteries, which was fantastic — honestly, the 4th and 5th books are EVEN BETTER than the first three, which is quite an achievement — and now here I am, faced with a sudden deep need to re-read The Thousand Names so I can then go on and finally read the rest of the books in Wexler’s series.

Why yes, I am trying to finish a story of my own right this minute. Why do you ask?

It’s a Black Dog story, incidentally. I can’t tell you which character it features because that would be something of a spoiler for SHADOW TWIN. Anyway, I was just outlining it today to see what I need to do next. This kind of outline, just the bare bones:

1. Problem.
2. Real Problem.
3. Attempt to run away from problem.
4. Problem is clarified.
5. Choice to face problem.
6. Progress toward solution.
7. Crisis.
8. Resolution of problem implied.

I’m about ready for (6), with (7) to follow shortly. Some of you won’t be surprised to know I am not sure what (7) is going to actually comprise. Never mind, I’m sure some sort of crisis will turn up.

Can I finish this story tomorrow? Well . . . not and also read the rest of The Thousand Names. But hey, I have one more week of Christmas Break! That should be plenty of time to finish this story / revise the partial novel I want to send Caitlin / read Wexler’s entire five-book series / work with Kimmie so she has a chance of earning her first couple qualifications toward her Rally Novice title in two weeks (I am pretty sure I can’t get Conner ready on with that time limit, alas, but I do think perhaps Kimmie will be able to show in both Rally and the breed ring by the end of the month).

So, yeah, busy busy.

I hope everyone’s year has started off with as many great books to read as mine.

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2 thoughts on “You know what came out today?”

  1. Kim, I’m now on the third Shadow Campaigns book, but they’re slow going for me — you know how SMALL the print is compared to, say EMERGENCE, CJC’s most recent Foreigner novel? I read EMERGENCE fast, but the Shadow Campaign ones are taking longer. I bet they’re twice as long even though they don’t look it on the outside.

    I believe I’ll aim for March 1 for Shadow Twin. I better send that to the last couple readers — I think it’s in good shape, but I’m sure I missed a couple typos. You know what’s funny is that if you send the same manuscript to two different careful readers, they will each find completely different typos?

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