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Black Dog is Free on Kindle

So, you all probably already have a copy, but just in case you don’t — I’m making Black Dog free for this pre-Christmas season.

Amazon seems to want me to make a book free for only five days at a time. So Black Dog will definitely be free from now until the 12th, but I will attempt to make it free for another five days, and another after that — right up until Christmas.

So if you don’t have a copy, grab one now. Got a friend (or a hundred friends) who might like it? Now’s the time!

Black Dog by Rachel Neumeier, 2016 edition

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2 Comments Black Dog is Free on Kindle

  1. Hanneke

    Such great timing!
    I just this morning linked to your Amazon author’s page with all your books on John Scalzi’s Christmas shopping suggestions fan recommendations page, so maybe that’ll send a few more people there, just in time to be enticed by your promotion.
    I also mentioned all the good reviews for Winter of ice and iron.
    Though I’m no good at writing reviews myself, one can always hope this might help a little bit too…

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