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Over at Kirkus, Thea from The Book Smugglers has a post about SFF set on the moon:

Artemis & Other Moon-Inspired Science Fiction Stories

While there are lots of things to say about Artemis—from a characterization and authenticity viewpoint, in particular—the book dives deeply into life on the moon and how such a society could work. The tradition of the moon and its ingratiation in the sci-fi canon is strong—here are some other moon-centric SFF reads, inspired by (or as alternatives to) Artemis:

…And then we get a list.

Off the cuff, I can think of two books set on the moon:

1) Growing Up Weightless by Ford, a book I really liked in many ways but which offered a terrible ending . . . well, that’s not fair. One aspect of the ending upset me a good deal, so that I have never been able to re-read the book. Which was otherwise very good indeed, so maybe eventually I will actually pull it off the shelf again and just brace myself for the ending.

And then of course

2) The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Heinlein.

So let’s see which books Thea picked out … yes, I see quite a few books I haven’t read (as well as Heinlein’s classic). I have read one:

(3) Life as We Knew It, by Pfeffer.

Thea acknowledges this one is cheating, since it doesn’t take place on the moon. It sure doesn’t. This is the one where the moon sudden approaches the Earth for no explained reason, wreaking total climactic havoc and ending life as we knew it. It’s quite good, though I have some serious caveats with the plot.

But if we’re going to include it, then hey:

(4) Seveneves by Stephenson is clearly eligible under the rule that the moon rules the plot. You remember, this one starts with the idea that the moon shatters into a zillion pieces for no explained reason, wreaking WAAAY more havoc than just moving it a little closer.

Okay, if you’re a fan of Lunar stories, click through and check out Thea’s list.

Anybody got a favorite moon book neither of us mentioned?

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7 thoughts on “Stories featuring the moon”

  1. Heinlein’s The moon is a harsh mistress was my introduction to SF, followed by his other juveniles (dad had a shelf of them), and it’s still my favorite of his books.

    Off topic: Winter of ice and iron is still not visible to me on Kobo. Could you (ask your agent to) ask your publisher if they perhaps forgot to tick the option that it can be sold to the rest of the (non-English speaking) world? That happens several times a year with books I want to buy…

  2. Of course! First thing tomorrow. Someone in the UK said his preorder was canceled or something as well. :-(

  3. Marissa Meyers’ Lunar Chronicles , and then it seems like there should be something else, but I’m drawing a blank.

  4. In fantasy Meredith Ann Pierce’s Darkangel trilogy. Very folktale in tone and I don’t think she stuck the ending – she went against trope and didn’t convince me – but there’s some lovely stuff in it.
    can’t think of anything else lunar right now.

  5. Hanneke, I nudged my agent, who is nudging my editor, who should nudge whoever is responsible for seeing to world availability. Like you, my agent said she has seen this kind of problem occasionally. Hopefully the problem will be fixed shortly.

  6. I loved Pierce’s Darkangel books! So evocative and lushly imaginative. I agree about the ending but I still reread them occasionally just to return to the world (the moon, but it’s been terraformed? sort of? It’s fantasy, really, not sci fi.)

    Monica Hughes did a great middle-grade adventure story set in a realistic moon colony: Earthdark.

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