Happy Cyber Monday!

It is perhaps indicative of something that I have so far glanced at and ignored emails advertising sales for kitchen supplies and books, but found Chewy.com’s targeted advertising irresistible.

Hey, I go through a lot of dog treats in a year. (Or a month.) (Or a week.)

Also, I ordered another x-pen, which is the single most useful item most dog owners don’t have. Over the weekend, Dora was in an x-pen some of the time because she hurt her back, poor baby, and I didn’t want her jumping on the couch or going up stairs without help. She is better today, but as it happens I want an x-pen for the puppies as well, so what the heck, Cyber Monday seems like a good time to get an extra.

At some point I should look at books and kitchen supplies and stuff as well.

You know what it means that we are past Thanksgiving? It means that my own personal NaNoWriMo period is starting. November is a terrible time for me to pick up a big writing project, not only because Thanksgiving weekend is in November but because WFC and WindyCon took out consecutive weekends plus the young puppies kept me hopping. But you know what’s coming up on December 18th? Christmas Break, that’s what. A full month where I’m home a lot more, plus at least two of the puppies will be leaving me and the others will be older. (The boys have homes waiting impatiently; Girl 1 isn’t spoken for but I hope a wonderful home for her will turn up in the near future.)

Anyway, lots more time for writing coming up in mid-December, and I am getting set for that by aiming for 1000 words a day for my “real” WIP plus “some” work on something else in the evening. My mornings go like this: Get up a touch before five, feed the puppies, feed the adults, everyone out, everyone out again, puppies asleep. Shower, then open the computer at around 6:30 and take a stab at adding 1000 words before 7:30. Breakfast, puppies out, puppies in for playtime, puppies out, puppies in their room, and then I get ready to leave for work at 8:30 or so.

That leaves time for baking cookies in the afternoon (along with taking puppies out) and then working on some other project in the evening.

Plus I don’t seem to have all that much time for reading right at the moment, but I just started Barbara Hambly’s newest Benjamin January novel, Murder in July. Looks good so far.

Okay, I know it’s not time for a Friday Puppy Post, but I will call this an Official Introduction Post. Thus:

Boy 1: Anara Leitmotif, Lee for short

Boy 2: Anara Lunar Eclipse, Lex for short

Girl 1: Anara Luna Moth, Layla for short

Girl 2: Anara Lavender Rose, Leda for short. Hey, I don’t like Rosie or even Rosa. Nor Lavi nor Veni nor anything else I could think of, while I do like the name Leda. Also, you probably know that Leda was the mother of the beautiful Helen. Maybe someday my Leda will have a daughter so beautiful she launches a thousand metaphorical ships…

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2 thoughts on “Happy Cyber Monday!”

  1. They all have an amazing variety of personality, even in the photos.

    My fav is the girl with the mustache, Luna Moth.

  2. A lot of people like Luna Moth the best! Alas, she is really not likely to appeal to judges, so she will eventually go off to a wonderful pet home. Which, come to think of it, will be a totally cool thing for her, so it’s not really an “alas” from her point of view.

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