We are getting fed up with the Doomsday Planet

Did you know there has been a lot of Doomsday Planet fear-mongering recently? I had no idea. But this is funny:

This NASA Scientist Has Had Enough of Your Ridiculous Planet X Doomsday Theories

David Morrison is a real NASA scientist who studies real planets and makes real discoveries about the real universe.

Unfortunately for him, Morrison’s duties also include debunking perennial Internet theories that a fake planet is about to destroy Earth, which was supposed to happen in 2003, then 2012, then September 23, then October – and now the world is supposed to end again some time Sunday.

HAD you heard about this? I didn’t even have a chance to roll my eyes about any of this Doomsday Planet stuff. Sounds like Morrison has heard about it waaaaay too often:

“You’re asking me for a logical explanation of a totally illogical idea,” Morrison said on this week’s SETI Institute podcast, after the hosts asked for his take on the third scheduled apocalypse in three months.

“There is no such planet, there never has been, and presumably there never will be – but it keeps popping up over and over.”

And this:

“I now receive at least one question per day, ranging from anguished (‘I can’t sleep; I am really scared; I don’t want to die’) to the abusive (‘Why are you lying; you are putting my family at risk; if NASA denies it then it must be true.’)”

How have I missed out on all the fun?

Actually, I do have a guess about that. Maybe I have heard of this particular doomsday prediction before, but paid no attention to it and therefore forgot about it immediately. Morrison has to pay attention because he gets all those questions and it’s his job to answer them. If I were him, I would write or or two versions of a reply and just paste them into emails instead of actually writing a new response each time. Maybe he does.

If doomsday theories amuse you, click through and read the whole thing.

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