Favorite cover art

Which one is your favorite?

I have a hard time choosing. The styles are so different. Maaaaybe I might like Mountain’s cover the best? Hard to say!

I do especially like how Mountain and Winter form such a visually balanced pair: hot and cold. As you know, Mountain is indeed set in a hot desert type of region, while of course Winter has a much colder setting. That is just coincidence; it’s not like I was thinking of one book while writing the other and going, “Gosh, I think I’ll make the settings kind of opposites!” But it’s neat it turned out that way.

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8 thoughts on “Favorite cover art”

  1. I like the cover of Winter of Ice and Iron, but thats mainly because I like the soft hues of the sky. Also, I’m from Sweden so it feels more familiar than the other covers. Just bought two of your books to my kindle, and I know that I’m in for a treat!

  2. MIST’s cover is the most eye-catching for me. In a stack or on a shelf at a bookstore, I would probably notice it and pick up the book.
    WHITE ROAD suffers in a thumbnail, but the full size one is excellent.

    But a favorite? …. That’s harder. I like them all, but this morning am leaning to WINTER’s cover. Ask me tomorrow and it may have changed.

  3. I just saw Mountain and Winter in a bookstore last night, and remarked to myself how different they look in person vs on a screen. Winter in particular has a metallic sheen thing going on that just doesn’t come through in the image. It really caught my eye.

  4. I like all these covers but I really, really love the one for Mountain of Kept Memory, which surprises me a little because usually I prefer blue things and this is not blue at all! But there’s something about the light and the architecture and the figures which makes this looks the most like it’s my sort of story and gives me an urgent sense that something interesting is happening – or about to happen. Even though I reread it last weekend and know what happens, the cover still gives me that feeling.

    I might feel more strongly about the Winter of Ice and Iron one once I’ve read the book, and have feelings about the story to associate with the cover.

  5. Herenya, I agree! I usually prefer blues too. But in this case the Mountain cover really works for me. Also, definitely a great compliment when a reader re-reads a book, so thanks for mentioning that!

  6. Pete Mack, yeah, I’ve found a repeated “the” myself. Plus innumerable tiny changes I would like to make now that it’s too late.

    Really annoying when the editor and copy editor and I all manage to miss something stupid like this “undo.” I’ll make a note in case it’s eventually fixable.

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