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Okay, here’s something different: a post I wrote for My Book, The Movie, about the cast I’d like to see if Winter of Ice and Iron were to be made into a movie.

I actually had fun writing this post. I don’t know much about actors, but I would type into Google something like: male actors intense dark and then generally recognize someone who popped up as just right for the part.

I didn’t try to cast every single character, but I think I got everyone who has even a small pov role . . . except for one character, whom I did not exactly forget, but his pov role is short and I wanted to include some of my favorite important secondary characters as well.

There are . . . um . . . five pov characters total, I think. Two are primary, two get less time, and the fifth just part of one chapter. It seemed to work that way. You can tell me what you think when you’ve read the book.

Out in four days!

Winter of Ice and Iron, US Hardback

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3 thoughts on “My Book, The Movie”

  1. I only recognize a couple names in your cast, but that won’t affect enjoyment of the book. i may even look up the unknown actors after I read it.
    i just wish I didn’t have a long dental appt bright and early Monday morning when your book will be waiting impatiently to be read.

  2. Read it in the waiting room? Exclaim aloud about how amazing it is and express your conviction that everyone else’s wait for the dentist would be dramatically improved if they immediately downloaded a copy…

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