Five Books That Will Kill You

I got a kick out of this Book Riot post: 5 BOOKS THAT WILL KILL YOU

Because they mean it literally, or at least more literally than I’d have thought:

The opportunity to read Curie’s exact “eureka moment” is absolutely fascinating…But if you want to read her research notes, you have to sign a waiver with France’s Bibliotheque Nationale. The notes are sealed in a lead-lined box and you will still need to wear protective gear because many of the items kept are contaminated with radium 226. Let’s face it: I am passionately curious to read these research notes, but it would kill me. Slowly. Painfully. And I really don’t want that.

This is the most literal example. The rest are curses and things. Me, I’m the sort of person who would just shrug and read “Tomino’s Hell” aloud and never spare a thought for the possible curse.

I love the examples on this list though. Especially the Fahrenheit 451 edition. Wow. I had no idea anybody made an edition like this.

Click through and read the whole thing.

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