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I thought you all might enjoy this:

What Would Happen If You Became Dark Matter?

The human body consists of somewhere around 1028 particles, all bound together. The typical human has a mass of somewhere between 50 and 100 kilograms, and is largely confined to the surface of the Earth. Yet dark matter behaves very differently. It doesn’t interact with the nuclear or electromagnetic forces. It doesn’t collide with other particles or with itself. It only experiences a gravitational force, and as far as we can tell, that’s the only force it exerts. So what would happen to you, a human being, if instantaneously, all the particles in your body were converted into dark matter particles?…What if, instead of being made out of Standard Model particles, which experience the full suite of all the fundamental forces, we transitioned to being made out of particles which, to the best of our knowledge, interact only gravitationally?

This sounds like something from XKCD What If, but actually it’s by someone named Ethan Siegel at Forbes.

Click through and read the whole thing to find out what Siegel thinks would happen if you were suddenly turned into a Dark Matter Person.

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