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Have you seen this picture?

How’d you like to walk through this store? It’s a real store, in France.

I love it, personally. I’d expect it to drive sales because people who came by the store to buy stuff would go get their friends and come back. At least, I would.

Not that I’d want to live with it every day in my very own home.

Apparently not everyone feels that way, though. Check this out:

That’s from this site.

What furniture would you place in that room? And where would you put it? Around the edges, or around the fake edges, or smack dab over empty air?

If you start googling around, you might find more variations on this theme than you’d expect! I sure did.

Here’s one of my favorite sites featuring a wide variety of crazy (and crazy cool) ideas for decor. I don’t know if I’d feel comfortable actually *living* with any of them. Maybe the rainbow floor? Click through and see what you think!

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