Penric novella

Hey, just noticed this from LMB via Goodreads:

I am pleased to report I have finished the first draft of a new Penric & Desdemona novella, sequel to “Mira’s Last Dance”. Title is decided all but one vowel — I’ll add it when my aesthetic waffling concludes. About 44,980 words.

Later: Having spent the whole last day wrestling with one. dratted. vowel., title has finalized as:
“The Prisoner of Limnos”

Good to know this one is a direct sequel to “Mira’s Last Dance,” because (a) that one really needs a sequel, and (b) “Penric’s Fox” wasn’t it.

I thought the latter was pleasant enough, but minor and in no way a substitute for a novella that actually moves the Penric story forward. Despite the fact that I am very fond of literary foxes.

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