Devil toads

Good heavens:

Prehistoric ‘devil toads’ with Pac-Man mouths ate dinosaurs

Small dinosaurs, obviously. But still:

According to the study published in the Nature journal Scientific Reports, the frog — which grew up to a foot and a half in length and weighed more than 10 pounds — had a powerful bite. Modern descendants of the ancient amphibian, genus Ceratophrys, have a head about two inches wide. These horned frogs can exert a force of about 6.7 pounds….In comparison, Beelzebufo, which is anatomically similar to the modern horned frogs, may have had a 500-pound bite.

Oddly, there are no good pictures of the “Pac Man like head” at the linked article.

Google images presents many pictures — search for Beelzebufo — plus many articles and posts, of which my favorite is here. Click through and admire the huge frog. Or sympathize with the tiny doomed dinosaur.

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