First part of October: stepping away from the internet

I want to let you know that I may be more or less away from internet access for the next couple of weeks. I am scheduling posts to appear during the first half of October, but if you comment — please do! — and your comment happens to get snagged by the spam folder, which occasionally happens to regular commenters for some reason, I will not be able to straighten that out until midway through the month.

Also, for some reason I can’t get to Goodreads from my phone. So ditto: if you comment there, I probably will not be able to see or answer that comment until midway through October.

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2 thoughts on “First part of October: stepping away from the internet”

  1. OK, I couldn’t ask for a better open thread. A pet peeve that’s come up recently in a number of books is the ‘but *that* only happens in *fiction*’ trope. (Substitute for various values of ‘that’ and ‘fiction’.) There is no better way to bring my suspension of disbelief to a crashing halt. That said, it *is* possible to get this right, but you
    (a) cannot use this phrase or anything remotely similar and
    (b) have to go big.

    I got around to reading book 5 in Shanna Swendson’s “Magic, Inc.” series. She took two books to set this scenario up:
    A daughter of Indian immigrants in a small town with Bollywood aspirations moves to NY and jumps for the chance to engineer a Bollywood style comedy of manners.
    The only thing missing is a song and dance number. Utterly hilarious–I ended up in tears laughing. But it only works because the author turned the trope on its head.

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