Missing chapters from Robin Hood

From Book View Cafe, a just-for-fun post by Sherwood Smith, about “missing chapters” written by her sixth-grade students.

Delightful idea, eh? It’s the kind of thing my middle school teachers might have assigned. In fact, I’m a little surprised they didn’t think of it. They were a pretty creative bunch, in retrospect.

As for the stories, one particular year the class had two alpha girls, their posses dividing the female half of the class right down the middle, with plenty of attendant social drama. One alpha decided to write her particular lieutenants into her story, inspiring a flurry of Mackynzi and McKyli and Logan and Ryli appearances throughout her story, heroically raiding the castle where her rival and her gang were all sniveling Sheriff’s weasels, cheating Normans, or Prince John’s spies.

Naturally, this story electrified half the class and outraged the other half with as much intensity as if those girls really had gone and shot up a castle with arrows, and poisoned Prince John’s dinners for his gathered villains and spies…

Hah! Lots more at the link.

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