Pics from this weekend

So, here, enjoy some shots from my weekend at a local(ish) dog show:

Chinese Crested, Hairless
Chinese Crested, Powderpuff
Cardigan Welsh Corgi
English Cocker Spaniel
Ibizan Hound
You all recognize this one

And finally:


The woman with the Papillon was kind enough to take Kimmie in for me, because when Kim got Winners Bitch and Conner got Winners Dog, they both had to go back in the ring at the same time for Best of Breed. This time there were no champions showing, so we wound up with Winners Bitch, Winners Dog, Best of Breed (Conner) and Best of Opposite Sex (Kimmie) — both days. One point each, both days. At the moment, Conner and Kimmie seem unbeatable. This is proooobably an illusion.

Here they are, showing off Saturday’s ribbons:

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