The worst movie ever made: terrible movies face off

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Announcing: The Worst Movie Golden Bracket

The Golden Turkey Awards. The Golden Raspberry Award. Awards given to the worst of the worst movies. So this will be The Worst Movie Golden Bracket.

This is about chosing the worst movie ever made. A bad movie is not a boring movie. It is a movie that creates feelings. Astonishment that the movie could ever be made. Fascination over who could create it. Anger over those who participated in it. Enthusiasm over the brilliance needed to make something so bad.

Provided for perusal: an alphabetical list of terrible, terrible movies.

I have of course not seen all that many of these. I have to agree about Highlander 2. That was an awful, awful movie.

Click through and enjoy! If you have your own candidate that’s not yet present, you can nominate it.

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2 thoughts on “The worst movie ever made: terrible movies face off”

  1. Sigh. Lost a long post. TLDR: The ones that stick out that I’ve actually seen are:
    Batman and Robin, Showgirls, Phantom Menace. The latter was so bad, I’ve never seen another Star Wars Movie (also: Han Shot First!)

    Plan 9 and Reefer Madness have the benefit of (a) being “classics” and (b) being unintentionally funny (the former for plot, the latter for bad special effects.)

    Ishtar gets a bum rap. It’s not actually a terrible movie. Not great, but it’s not remotely in the league of the others.

    One to add: Waterworld.

  2. I heard Batman and Robin was just as bad as Highlander 2, maybe even worse, which is a comparison that always makes me run the other way.

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