Fantasy or SF?

Here’s a fun post, via File 770: Fantasy or Science Fiction: Do You Know Your Stuff?

It is a list. Here, for example, is the section on metals:

iron = fantasy
wrought iron = steam punk
steel = both
stainless steel = SF
damascus steel = historical fantasy
aluminium = SF
gold = fantasy
silver = fantasy
platinum = cyberpunk
chrome = cyberpunk
lead = steam punk
copper = fantasy and steampunk
brass = steampunk
bronze = fantasy
tin = historical romance set in Cornwall
adamantium = high fantasy or superhero

It’s kind of funny, isn’t it? Because it’s moderately true. Though I just dropped a brass clock into a fantasy, it’s kind of a gaslamp fantasy, which is sort of an equivalent of steampunk.

There’s plenty more at the link.

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