Reading lets us live a thousand lives

Here’s an interesting article: Passing Over: How Reading Lets Us Live a Thousand Lives

Someone once asked the great short story writer Jorge Luis Borges “Don’t you regret spending more of your life reading than living?”
Borges replied:

“There are many ways of living, and reading is one of them… When you are reading, you are living, and when you are dreaming, you are living also.”

It’s hard to improve on that.

The author, Charles Chu, adds,

Our memories are not so different from the stories we find in books.

In fact, our memories are stories. Like the writer that draws bold, red marks through the lines of his draft, we constantly update our memories — we erase the boring moments, color the lines with bits of drama, and, more often than not, we make ourselves into the heroes of adventures that exist solely in our minds.

It’s a good article, drawing on cognitive neuroscience and also harkening back to CS Lewis. If you’ve got a minute, click through and check it out.

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