Have you seen the Wrinkle In Time trailer yet?

I must say, this movie looks really neat, even though for me A Wrinkle in Time hasn’t necessarily worn all that well as a novel.

I’ve linked the trailer from a post titled: The best part of A Wrinkle in Time’s first trailer is Oprah’s brilliant, celestial costumes. Because that could be true! Those are amazing outfits.

Also, the boys-bouncing-balls thing is veeeery creepy, no doubt about it.

Movies I haven’t quite got around to seeing this year: all of them. Eventually I do want to catch some of them, especially Logan and Wonder Woman, though the angsty teenage spiderman has never much appealed to me. Based on past performance, who knows whether I’ll see A Wrinkle in Time when it actually hits theaters, versus maybe later via DVD. But it does look like it has wonderful special effects. The voiceover in the trailer is seductive, too.

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4 thoughts on “Have you seen the Wrinkle In Time trailer yet?”

  1. Allan Shampine

    We saw a play version of this at Lifeline Theater a couple of months ago. I thought it was well staged, but had some structural issues as a play. Surprisingly, the special effects were not a binding constraint. A big budget movie the special effects will also not be a binding constraint, but I’ll be interested to see whether the movie is more successful at the adaptation than the play.

  2. I bounced hard some years ago when I tried to reread it before recommending to the (not yet) Teen. And that trailer does nothing for me, even less than trailers usually do.

    You mean not everyone reads through the showing of trailers in the theater?

    What did interest was the sidebar link to something about Incredibles 2, which I have hopes for.

  3. I’m really excited about it – this director and her choices so far make me pretty optimistic.

    I haven’t seen Logan or Wonder Woman yet, but Baby Driver was fun (sort of a mashup of a car chase movie and a musical).

  4. I see so few movies, particularly in theaters, that I actually enjoy watching the trailers for all upcoming movies.

    Sarah, Baby Driver does sound fun, given that wacko description.

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